At National Capital Track and Field Club, we strive to accommodate athletes of all abilities. Athletes with physical or visual impairments will be accommodated during normal training times, but extra time may be added before/after practice where needed. Wheelchair racers may have training times that start earlier/later or on separate days to allow for safe training environments. If you, or your athlete, are looking to try para athletics, or looking for more information, please send an email to our para lead – Reba

Ambulatory Throws

Ask us about ambulatory throwing training! These throws are the same across the sport, but technique is adapted to suit the athletes needs and abilities.

Seated Throws

Seated throwing is adapted foor athletes with limited function of their lower body and/or trunk. At the NCTFC we offer the opportunity to try seated throwing and help get athletes set up to find equipment that is suited to them so they can continue to train and excel in the sport. 

Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair racing is for athletes with limited lower body and/or trunk function. Events are the same across the sport, and the same distances are contested on the Olympic side of the sport as well.