Our Train to Train and Learn to Compete programs are geared for athletes who are at least 14 years of age and interested in competitive track and field training. Experience is not required – our trained coaches will teach your athlete everything they need to know about biomechanics, technique, recovery, injury-prevention and everything related to their chosen event groups.

These groups train together, but have different goals based on athlete needs and level of training. 

  • Train to Train: Athletes learn how to manage their training, listen to their body, balance school/training/life. This tends to be (but is not always!) the younger part of the group – 14-16years
  • Learn to Compete: Athletes have mastered balancing training, and are learning how to add competition. This tends to be (but is not always!) the more senior part of the group – 16years+


Our sprints and hurdles group will develop athletes looking to improve their power and speed, sprinting and hurdle technique, and overall general fitness. Workouts within this group will be tailored to athlete interests and strengths, with workouts specific to the 100-200m, 200-400m, and hurdle events.

Middle Distance

Our middle distance group will help your athlete build aerobic endurance, proper running technique, speed and speed endurance, strength and learn racing strategies and tactics. This group will help you prepare for cross-country season in the fall, and track season in the winter to summer. Generally, training sessions will consist of a general warmup followed by event specific workouts to suit different event group needs.


Our jumps group will mainly train with our sprints/hurdles group for general power and speed training, but will have separate event specific training days as well.


Our Para athletes are integrated into the able-bodied competitive groups where possible, based on their event groups. Athletes will receive training that is suited to them and their abilities. Wheelchair athletes will train at the same time as the competitive groups, but will have workouts tailored to their race distance and abilities. 

Current Season Information

Spring/Summer 2022

All training at Terry Fox Athletic Facility

Athletes: 14+

Sorry, but we are unable to accommodate younger athletes at this time.


Training times:

Monday – 5:30-7:30pm

Saturday – 10:00am-12:00pm

Athletes will be encouraged to attend Twilight meets on Wednesday nights throughout the season. They will also be provided with 1-2 additional workouts depending on their goals and commitment that can be done on their own schedule.

Please note that club registration fees do not include facility membership. Our memberships are managed this way in order to offer flexibility for athletes who may not be interested in committing to the entire season. Our membership fee is designed to cover the flat rate cost of running the program, and we do not offer reduced rates for athletes who are not committing to attending on a regular basis. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Membership includes Athletics Ontario membership. To ensure a fair membership fee for all athletes – regardless of their competition goals – competition costs are not included in the club membership fee.