Registration is postponed for Winter 2021-2022

Due to a lack of information regarding the opening of the Dome at Louis Riel, we are unable to open registration for this session. We will post program info once we have been able to confirm access to an indoor training facility. 

The NCTFC has both annual and seasonal membership options. Please check out our membership options below!

All athletes must read concussion safety information before registration – you will attest to having read and acknowledged this information on registration. 

Please read the info here: 


Sept 8-Oct 30, 2021


Winter – Postponed





Annual Membership

September 8, 2021 – July 30, 2022
Available for the Learn to Compete (14+) and Active for Life (25+) programs

Registration has been temporarily closed. 

2021-2022 Seasonal Info

There are breaks during the year when facilities are closed for holidays – please check out our calendar for up to date information. Individual season dates can be found in the tabs above!

Annual membership includes:
  • Athletics Ontario membership
  • Club gear (incl singlet, distributed during competition season)
  • Programming designed and led by NCCP certified coaches
Membership fees

$900 for 2021-2022

Please note that membership fees do not cover facility fees for the Dome @Louis Riel or the Terry Fox Athletic Facility. Please contact the respective staff for each facility to get more information on membership options.